This is me!

I am completely new to the world of blogging so please bear with me as I get used to this new technology!

I am a UK born singer, model and actress and after many years of adventure working as a Flight Attendant for Emirates Airline, I am now following my heart and chasing my goals of becoming a full time entertainer in L.A.  Singing and acting have been my passions ever since I was a child.

I firmly believe – everybody should believe in themselves, follow their dreams and see where it takes you…  If  you believe you can do it, then you will…which is why I am now leaving everything I know in Dubai behind and taking  4 (very heavy) suitcases full of mainly clothes and shoes – but also dreams to Hollywood, or the O.C –  where I am currently going to live to start with…

Music is my life.

I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I can’t wait to find out…. and I would love  to share the entire adventure with you.

As mentioned, here is a short clip of my acting from a new film called The Panic Burst…

I’ll keep you posted on developments for that movie.

I’ve also been busy in the recording studio.

I made a short video promo for one of my tracks…got some great new tracks coming up very soon so watch this space…

I love adventure and do lots of crazy things (paragliding, scuba diving etc) aswell as skydiving! I just did my first one to raise money for a charity I am very passionate about  The Maria Christina Foundation – www.mariachristinafoundation.org run by my good friend and one of my inspirations Maria Conceicao.

With the kids in Dhaka.

This organisation is dedicated to giving the childrens living in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh a better life and I will always do whatever I can to help. Check out the link and see for yourself, its pretty inspiring and I find it makes me happy just looking at their smiling faces!

That’s it for now….

As I type, I have paid off my phone bill  and my flight tickets are sitting at the side of my laptop….My new adventure starts today…

Please wish me luck!

Take it easy.

Kristina x :-)